Basic information :
: 3,553 meters above sea level
Best time to visit: Summer (May – June)
Best time to visit: Winter (September – October)
Nearest airport – Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport
Nearest Railway Station – Dehradun railway station

Featuring a cold climate mostly round the year, Kedarnath can best be visited in summers. May to June and September to October offers an ideal weather for visitors to explore this place. During this period, the climate of Kedarnath remains a lot pleasing and cool. Winters here are harsh, with sub-zero temperatures and heavy rainfall. Monsoon season characterizes heavy downpour, so one must carry few essentials while journeying to this pilgrimage place in the monsoons.


Summers of Kedarnath beginning from May and lasting till June, are pleasing with the temperature hovering around 17°C. It is the perfect weather to pay visit to the Kedarnath shrine and also to indulge in some sightseeing of famous spots in and around Kedarnath. The weather remains moderate during this time and hence, this season is the ideal time to travel to this place.


Don’t forget to carry a day pack, a pair of trekking shoes/comfortable walking shoes along with trekking pants, windproof jacket, light weight woollen clothing, sun cap, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, torch/flashlight with extra batteries, walking stick and personal toiletries. Carrying a water bottle is a must. Along with that you should also pocket some dry fruits, energy bars and energy drinks like electoral (ORS)/Gatorade. (INFORMATIONS ONLY)


Monsoons hit Kedarnath starting from July and ending till August, with temperatures dropping down to 12°C. In this season Kedarnath is frequented with heavy rain falls and landslides hence visitors are advised to be prepared to overcome the difficulties. One must pack few essentials to save themselves from the heavy rains.


Don’t miss to carry a day pack with rain cover, a pair of waterproof trekking/hiking shoes, trekking pants, windproof/water resistant jacket, thick fleece, woollen clothing, waterproof gloves, thick wollen socks, walking stick, raincoat/poncho, torch/flashlight with extra batteries and personal toiletries. Don’t forget a water bottle along with few dry fruits to munch and energy drinks to avoid dehydration.


Winters in Kedarnath begin in the month of November and last till April. This season is not a good time to go to this place as roads to Kedarnath get blocked due to heavy snowfall. Owing to this, the Kedarnath Temple remains closed during the winter months. Winters are chilly here featuring sub-zero temperatures. Kedarnath remains carpeted with snow at this time making this place inaccessible for a while.


1) It is advisable to avoid harsh winter and monsoon months. May to June and September to October are considered the best months to visit Kedarnath. The path leading to the temple gets highly dangerous during peak monsoons as landslides and floods are very common during this time of the year.
2) Make sure to carry your light winter wear even if you plan to visit during the summer season.
3) It can rain anytime here, so it is mandatory to carry an umbrella and raincoat along with your rain shoes.
4) To save yourself from the cold winds here, carry a windcheater, woollen socks, monkey caps and a muffler. These will enable you to withstand the chill that comes with wind on the upper Himalayan region.
5) Now, this is a very important tip. Start preparing your body for the yatra by getting started with preparatory exercises much in advance.
6) Cold creams, moisturizers and sunscreen creams are a must.
7) Medical kit with painkillers, cough syrups, antiseptic creams, muscle creams, and tablets for cold and fever are also a must.
8) It gets too tiring after long treks, so do carry dark chocolates, dry fruits and glucose along for some instant energy.
9) Carry battery-operated torch (preferably solar powered), extra batteries for the camera and fully charged power banks.
10) No private SIMs work in the Kedarnath region for safety purposes, only BSNL operates here.
11) Book your hotels in advance, do not bank on last minute bookings because during peak season, the region witnesses huge rush.

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