Smart Cities of Gujarat – Gujarat Shortlisted Six Cities for makeover as Smart Cities.

The Gujarat Smart City Project has shortlisted six cities. These cities are fast-growing, and the real estate market is following suit. The majority of the initiatives aimed at making the six cities smarter deal with water infrastructure and information and communications technology (ICT).  This blog explores the smart cities in Gujarat and their noteworthy characteristics.

Smart Cities of Gujarat

Here is the list of smart cities in Gujarat and their features:  


The Gujarat smart city project in Surat focuses on upgrading urban infrastructure, promoting sustainable transportation, and enhancing public services through digital solutions. The amenities in this new smart city in Gujarat include Nakshatra Embassy, The Unicorn Plaza, Raghuvir Sentosa Heights, Bella Casa, and Rajhans Platinum. 


As the largest city in Gujarat, Ahmedabad has taken significant strides towards becoming a smart city. With the main focus on Dholera Smart City India project in Ahmedabad district, people can expect progress in energy management, efficient waste disposal, and intelligent traffic systems. Dholera Gujarat will have First and Second Town Planning Schemes.  


Formerly known as Baroda, Vadodara is renowned for its cultural heritage and industrial development. The smart city initiatives in Vadodara aim to integrate technology into various aspects of urban life, including healthcare, education, and public safety.


Rajkot, a city with a rich history, is now embracing a futuristic outlook through its smart city project. The city’s efforts include upgrading public transportation, promoting e-governance, and implementing smart grids for efficient energy distribution.  


As the capital city of Gujarat, Gandhinagar’s smart city project focuses on sustainable urban planning, digital connectivity, and eco-friendly initiatives to create a green and smart urban landscape.


Located in eastern Gujarat, Dahod’s smart city vision revolves around transforming the city into a modern and inclusive urban space. The city aims to prioritise citizen welfare and sustainability in its development plans.  


The emergence of Smart cities in Gujarat has not only transformed the urban living experience but has also created significant opportunities in the real estate sector. Investors and developers are keenly interested in these smart city projects due to their potential for high returns and sustainable growth. With the implementation of smart infrastructure and advanced amenities, these cities attract homebuyers and businesses alike.   

Conclusion : Gurjarat Smart City project Decoded

Gujarat’s journey towards smart cities exemplifies the state’s commitment to sustainable development and technological innovation. As Gujarat continues to lead the way in urban transformation, these smart cities serve as a beacon of progress and a model for other regions to follow. (Details are Information only)

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