What is Ekadashi? Why Rice is not eaten? Its types and benefits.

This year Kamika Ekadashi will be seen on the fourth August 2021, on the 11th day of the Krishna Paksha of the sacred month of Shravwan.

On this promising day, the enthusiasts of Lord Vishnu notice diets, follow ceremonies and sing songs in recognition of the all-powerful. It is accepted that noticing Kamika Ekadashi acquires flourishing and eliminates gridlocks of the previous existence.

This year the Kamika Ekadashi tithi will start at 12.59Pm on the third August and will go on till 3.17Pm fourth August 2021. Here is all you want to be aware of the excellent history and meaning of noticing Ekadashi and what makes it so essential to the Indian culture.

What is Ekadashi?

Ekadashi is viewed as a propitious day in Hindu and Jain culture. It happens on the 11th day of the two lunar patterns of the month, Krishna and Shukla Paksha. Profoundly, Ekadashi represents eleven faculties establishing five receptors, five activity organs and one psyche. Individuals notice a quick to stamp the day by controlling the eleven faculties and eating just allowed food varieties and avoiding others.

There are 24 kinds of Ekadashi in a year, all related with different manifestations of Lord Vishnu. Each goes with specific food rules during quick, which should be followed to coordinate the psychological energy in the correct course and abstain from awful deeds.

Putrada Ekadashi

Putrada Ekadashi happens in January on the 11th day of the brilliant portion of the lunar cycle. It means ‘provider of children’s and fasting on the day joined with offering puja to Lord Vishnu can favor the devotee with kids. Fans start the quick from the beginning of Ekadashi and end it the following morning. They are not permitted to eat rice, heartbeats, garlic and onion during the quick. Individuals who can’t adhere to the severe fasting guidelines can have milk and organic products. Non-veggie lover food varieties are totally denied in Hindu families on this day.

Satilla Ekadashi

Satilla or Tilda Ekadashi is originated from the word Until’ which implies sesame seeds. This Ekadashi includes giving and getting sesame seeds as gifts and making food that incorporates them. Individuals who quick on this day ought to give sesame seeds, oats and different food sources to fortify their destiny. The narrative of this day features the significance of ‘annadaana’ or food gift in Hindu culture. Fans ought not eat heartbeats, grains or beans in suppers and organic products like coconut, guava and pumpkin ought to be proposed to the god.

Jaya Ekadashi

On this favorable day, individuals notice a quick beginning from the timings of the Jaya Ekadashi to the following morning. Adhering to the essential rule, non-veggie lover food isn’t permitted. Fans should not eat heartbeats and rice, however eating on this day isn’t totally precluded. They can eat quick plans like aloo jeera, sabudana khichdi, sabudana kheer, kattu ki poori or paratha and so forth Utilization of milk and organic products is additionally permitted. Having honey, verdant vegetables and a few specific flavors are not viewed as promising.

Vijaya Ekadashi

Customarily, an entire day quick is seen on Vijaya Ekadashi and the lovers go through the day loving Lord Vishnu, who is accepted to support the Earth. They can’t eat Tamasic food varieties made with onion and garlic. They are likewise not permitted to have grains like rice, lentils and heartbeats. Sabudana khichdi with ground nuts and potatoes is a favored food during Vijaya Ekadashi. In any case, it ought to just be prepared with rock salt and not have many flavors. Milk and dry organic products can likewise be drunk.

Amalaki Ekadashi

Amalaki Ekadashi likewise commends the significance of Lord Vishnu. Amalaki implies Amla, which has a vital spot in both Ayurveda and Hinduism. As indicated by Padma Puran, Amla was exceptionally dear to Lord Vishnu and the day is hence recognized by making amla glue, venerating amla tree, consuming and in any event, giving amla. It is likewise proposed to the ruler as Prasada. Grains and vegetables are not eaten during the quick and just potatoes, nuts, milk, organic products, dark pepper and rock salt are permitted.

Devathuna Ekadashi

It is accepted that on this day, Lord Vishnu awakens from four months of rest. From this Ekadashi onwards, enthusiasts are allowed to continue with their promising exercises that are denied in this period. Food is devoured in the early afternoon of Dashami and afterward enthusiasts can have a supper on the following morning after Ekadashi. This is significant with the goal that not so much as a buildup of food stays in the body on the fasting day. Certain individuals don’t eat by any means or drink water yet others follow a milder quick by polishing off organic products, milk, regular organic product juices and tea. Individuals doing a quick should not eat grains, vegetables and cereals on this day.

Nirjala Ekadashi

Nirjala means ‘without water’. The quick on this Ekadashi is noticed for 24 hours without drinking water beginning from the dawn of the Ekadashi to the following morning. One evening before this Ekadashi, individuals who do the quick deal a petition and afterward eat only once in the day. The dinner doesn’t contain rice and lentils as they are disallowed. They are permitted to have a little drop of water following the purging custom. During love, panchamrit or a combination of milk, ghee, curd, sugar and honey is proposed to the divinity.

Yogini Ekadashi

Yogini Ekadashi involves eating food that is without any salt. The fan ought not eat any invigorating food from one night before the Ekadashi and are proposed to eat saltless food. Grain, moong dal and wheat are precluded food things on the day preceding as well as upon the arrival of the quick. A lover can break their quick subsequent to giving food and garments to brahmans and the poor the following morning.

Padma/Devashyani Ekadashi

On this devout day, the lovers play out the Ekadashi quick and utilization of grams and lentils, honey, certain flavors and all meats are completely taboo. They can likewise not have any Tamasic food made with roots like garlic and onion. They can break the quick the following morning subsequent to offering milk, honey, sugar and flour. This day denotes the start of chaturmas, which are heavenly four months in the Hindu schedule and promising works are not done during this time.

Utapanna Ekadashi

As indicated by strict convictions, individuals who quick on Utapanna Ekadashi track down a wide range of solaces and get the haven of Lord Vishnu in the afterlife. Enthusiasts who have the body strength and resolve ought to notice a severe quick, tasting just water as the day progressed. The people who can’t play out the quick ought not eat restricted food things like garlic, liquor, meat, masoor dal and so forth Exceptional importance is given to welcoming wedded ladies and offering them natural products. Kheer with tulsi leaves is likewise ready on this day.

Papmochani Ekadashi

As indicated by the Hindu schedule, Papmochani Ekadashi is commended in the long stretch of Chaitra. Lovers of Lord Vishnu rise and shine early and notice a quick all day long. Exceptional delights, for example, Kheer, Til Laddu and Mewa are ready and presented as Prasada to the ruler. In the event that They can’t notice the absolute quick, They can have milk, natural products, falahari khichdi and juice. Vegetables in cooked or even crude structure are not permitted. Individuals give food and garments to the poor on this day.

Kamada Ekadashi

Kamada Ekadashi happens toward the start of the ‘Hindi New Year’ and noticing a quick on this day is said to safeguard the fans from numerous sorts of condemnations. Extraordinary bhog ought to be proposed to Lord Vishnu while asking on Ekadashi and enthusiasts ought not consume dinners on this day. Assuming they should eat, the food ought to be totally sattvic. Dry organic products, leafy foods items are permitted. The quick should be finished the following day subsequent to offering food to the penniless. Utilization of beans, peas, heartbeats and grains are restricted. It is said that Tulsi leaves should likewise not be culled or consumed on this day.

Varuthini Ekadashi

Noticing a quick on Varuthini Ekadashi is viewed as equivalent to being in retribution for 10,000 years. The quick starts on the beginning of Ekadashi and proceeds to the morning of the following day. Subsequent to offering puja and Prashad and giving food to brahmans, They can break the quick. On the off chance that they can’t do a complete quick, they can have one feast in the day yet stay away from red lentil, dark gram, chickpeas, honey, betel nut leaves, betel nuts or spinach. They can have sabudana, milk, water, leafy foods.

Gauna Mohini Ekadashi

The enthusiast should notice a severe quick on this day to conciliate Lord Vishnu. They can eat one feast during the evening in the event that they can’t go on the whole constantly without food. They should then stay alert the whole evening singing psalms. The quick should just be broken the following morning by having products of the soil. No food containing any grains or tamasic fixings, for example, onion or garlic are permitted.

Apara Ekadashi

During loving the master on Apara Ekadashi, it is essential to offer bhog and tulsi leaves. Likewise, They should give food and garments to the poor. Share the prasad with everybody in the family. Food things like rice, meats, onion, garlic, lentils are totally illegal on this day. The quick should be broken on the following day just during the Puran muhurta. They can have milk-based food varieties, dry organic products, foods grown from the ground (on the off chance that they can’t notice a full quick) as it were.

Kamika Ekadashi

This Ekadashi is praised inside the chaturmas period when Lord Vishnu is accepted to rest. On this day, the lovers should offer milk, products of the soil seeds separated from blossoms to the master while revering. They should likewise offer the panchamrit. It is viewed as best practice to quick the whole day and eat solely after dispersing food to the poor the following morning. On the off chance that they eat one dinner, they should guarantee to skip rice and meat. Giving new buds from the Tulsi plant additionally has a unique importance on this day.

Aja Ekadashi

Noticing a quick on Aja Ekadashi obliterates our wrongdoings and obliviousness. It is vital to revere the ruler with grains and coriander leaves or seeds. Eating grams, gram seeds, honey or vegetables like karonda (Carunda) isn’t permitted. They should just devour food once and not have a second dinner on this day. Masoor dal ought not be eaten one night preceding the quick. Likewise, aficionados should forgo eating betel leaves (paan) on Dashami.

Parivartini, Vamana or Parsva Ekadashi

On Parsva Ekadashi, fasting and petitioning Lord Vishnu sanitizes the enthusiasts of all wrongdoings and satisfies Goddess Lakshmi. To quick on this day, they should not devour food after dusk on Dashami. They need to revere the Lord with sesame seeds, occasional leafy foods leaves. They should not have an ordinary supper on this day yet can have organic products, dairy items and dry organic products in the wake of offering the evening supplication. They ought to try not to eat rice, grains and beans on this day.

Indira Ekadashi

On Indira Ekadashi, quick is seen to give salvation to progenitors. Master Shaligram is venerated on this day. Lovers should not eat food at least a couple of times beginning from one evening before Ekadashi. They can break their quick on Dashami after the tarpan function and when the food is proposed to the brahmans. On Ekadashi, they should quick for the whole day without grains and oats, then, at that point, give food to the brahmans and afterward to a crow, a cow and a canine. The quick is just broken on Dwadashi in the wake of offering puja and imparting dinners to the family.

Padmini Ekadashi

Fasting is an indispensable piece of Padmini Ekadashi to sanitize the psyche, soul and body. The spectator can’t eat food things like rice, chickpeas, spinach, honey and urad dal. The fans who can’t hold a severe quick can have a feast comprised of leafy foods items. Quick starts on Dashami and the enthusiast should have light food without onion, garlic and solid flavors. Eating in bronze utensils is disallowed.

Parama Ekadashi

Doing quick on this Ekadashi frees an aficionado of all transgressions and they achieve the domains of divine beings. Just sattvic food varieties comprising of organic products, desserts and dairy are permitted to be eaten on this day. This choice is for the people who can’t go through the whole day without having a dinner. Aficionados keep 24 hours quick and endure just on water. They ought not eat food sources like lentils, grams, honey, meats and vegetables.

Papankusha Ekadashi

On Papankusha Ekadashi, enthusiasts should begin the quick from the day of Dashami like other Ekadashis. They should not consume rice, grain, wheat, gram, moong and urad dal on Dashami as these seven grains are viewed as devout and adored on this day. Food sources that are weighty on assimilation, for example, sabudana, chips, bananas or seared things are denied. Drinks like water, organic product squeeze and milk are permitted. The quick can be broken uniquely on Dwadashi subsequent to serving food to the brahmans.

Rama Ekadashi

Individuals who can’t keep quick on Rama Ekadashi should guarantee not to eat dishes made of rice or any nonvegetarian food. The people who notice the quick should go without eating by any stretch of the imagination on this day. Notwithstanding, in the event that that is absurd they may just have veggie lover and natural food varieties. Fans should apply turmeric to basil leaves and propose to the master while performing puja.

Mokshada Ekadashi

Like other Ekadashis, Mokshada Ekadashi is likewise set apart by a quick extending from the break of the day to the following morning. A severe quick is noticed and eating anything isn’t permitted. Others notice fractional diets where they drink organic product juices, dry organic products, milk and natural products. The individuals who can’t keep the quick however need to respect the ruler avoid onion, garlic, beats, beans, rice and so forth and stick to organic products, vegetables, milk items and nuts. Bel tree leaves are consumed on this day.

For what reason is the RICE not eaten on Ekadashi?

As indicated by strict convictions, a drop of sweat fell on the ground from Lord Brahma’s head and turned into a devil. At the point when it requested a spot to live, Brahma advised the evil spirit to exist in the grains of rice consumed by individuals on Ekadashi and convert into worms in their stomach. There is likewise a logical explanation for not having rice on Ekadashi. Eating food that holds an excess of water on Ekadashi can cause flimsiness as the moon draws in water and the beams of the moon are said to have more infinite energy on this day. Since rice grains hold a ton of water content, drinking it can prompt the exacerbation of specific circumstances like water maintenance, cold, sinusitis and so on

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