Bali is without a doubt one of the world’s most Beautiful locations. Many digital nomads and travel bloggers call it home, and they never stop looking for Bali’s best  locations. Nothing compares to feeling the sun on your shoulders, the sand between your toes, and the inevitable Bali envy you cause among all your friends when you go on vacation. While taking picture-perfect photos isn’t the only reason to travel, Bali does have a way of highlighting the stunning undiscovered treasures of any destination and who wouldn’t desire a vibrant Bali feed that both showcases your amazing trips and is visually appealing? (BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GOA)


Not only is Bali’s Tegalalang rice terrace one of the most popular Balimed locations, but it is also one of the most recognizable and famous. To get down to the rice terraces there are several “checkpoints” scattered across the fields and even though there isn’t a set entrance price, local farmers will ask for a donation of 10,000 rupiah that you must pay to gain access to the fields. The fields are lovely; however, they can get rather crowded. To get that beautiful golden light and to avoid the crowds for the ideal Bali images, head there first thing in the morning. 



On everyone’s Bali bucket list, this is easily one of the most Balimable and essential activities to do. This is a top pick for those seeking the best Bali shots with the bonus of an adrenaline rush. Due to its popularity, numerous swings have now sprouted throughout Bali, mainly in and around Ubud. There are a range of different heights available ranging from 10, 15, 20 and 78 meters and depending on the swing package you choose will depend on the price.


Located in Ubud, the Campuhan Ridge Walk has gained enormous popularity. Here, you may take a leisurely stroll while admiring the local Balinese landscape and taking stunning Bali pictures. Sunrise or sunset would be the best time to take a visit as you’re not only beating the crowds, but also the heat. There are also some fantastic opportunities for aerial photographs here if you have a drone – got to get all those angles! (Places to visit in Australia)


The Handara Golf & Resort Gates, which serve as the entrance to the golf course, are included in one of the most well-known travel images online! Take a stunning photo in front of Handara Gate with the lush landscape and enormous, exotic, traditional Balinese gate serving as your backdrop. In order to avoid the crowds, we advise getting there quite early. When a ticket officer arrives at 9 am, individuals must line up and pay 15,000 IDR to take pictures.


One of the oldest and most revered temples on the island is Pura Lempuyang Temple, popularly known as the Bali Gateway to Heaven. I’m sure you would’ve seen this well-known location in your Bali feed at some stage as everyone coming to Bali has it on their bucket list. However, photographing this well-known location might be challenging. You need to be patient as there are long queues of people waiting their turn to take a photo, but also need to time it right with the clouds to ensure you get a view of Mount Agung in the distance. (best honeymoon destinations)


Banyumala Twin Waterfall in Bali is not as well-known or as regularly visited as other waterfalls in Bali, yet it nevertheless retains its pristine natural beauty. There is a vast swimming hole at the bottom of two magnificent waterfalls that are only divided by the rocks that hold them together. There is an entrance fee of 30,000 rupiahs and the hike down can be quite difficult, but all worth it when you reach the bottom. With less tourist than other popular waterfalls, this is the ideal spot get all those perfect Bali photos.


It’s hard not to include Nusa Penida in the most Balimable places, this island’s scenery and natural splendour appear to be extremely photogenic from any perspective. Diamond beach, named after the two diamond shaped rock formations, has become an Bali hotspot. Make your way down the cliff’s edge stairway and pause around halfway down. With the entire Diamond beach in the background, this location is a fantastic photo opportunity and one of the greatest Bali Bali places. The stairs leading to Diamond Beach become quite congested after 9 am when hundreds of people start to arrive and all want to take the same picture, so again, arriving earlier is beneficial.


Although Kelingking Beach is actually on the neighbouring island of Nusa Penida and not in Bali, we couldn’t help but add it because of how stunning and Balimable it is. This is quickly becoming one of Indonesia’s most popular photogenic locations lately emerged as the “T-Rex” of Nusa Penida. From above, looking down at the distinctive rock formations and vivid turquoise sea, is where the classic photo is taken.


This location has made it onto many travellers’ must-see lists for Nusa Penida as a result of several exceptional photographers who shared it on social media. The Rumah Pohon Treehouse is located on the hill at Thousand Island viewpoint near Atuh Beach. One of the highlights of this location is that you can actually spend the night in this incredible treehouse, making it more than just a popular Bali Bali location! If you’re just planning on doing a daytrip, be prepared to walk down a steep trail of stairs and pay around 70,000 rupiahs to gain access to the treehouse for your photos.


You’ve definitely seen this Gili T swing and hammock on Bali; it’s quite distinctive. Located out the front of Exile restaurant, this is the perfect spot to head for sunset and find the most well-known Gili T swings. Here, you may take the perfect Bali photo to capture the essence of an island getaway on one of the many swings and hammocks that hang over the water.

Bali is full of beautiful scenery from beaches to waterfalls, temples to rice terraces and everything else in between! This is just our top picks on the most Balimable places in Bali, there are endless opportunities, especially for those with a keen eye for photography. Alternatively, instead of chasing all these Bali hotspots by yourself, you could join our 12 day Bali Tour where we visit most of these spots with some added extras along the way! (best honeymoon destinations)

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