Chandigarh Circle Rates: All You Need to Know

Chandigarh circle rate is a minimum property value evaluated by district administration. The authority considers the type, location, size, etc., of the property while evaluating its circle rate. The circle rate in Chandigarh is notified through the registrar or sub-registrar office. 

Why Chandigarh Circle Rates are Important

You can simply visit the sub-registrar’s office and get the updated list of Chandigarh circle rates without any hassle. 

  • Property Valuation: With the circle rate in Chandigarh, people can evaluate the right prices of their properties. The district administration team considers the area, locality, type, size, and various other detailed factors while evaluating circle rates for land pieces. Property owners can simply visit their area’s sub-registrar office to get the updated list of circle rates. 
  • Fraud Prevention: Knowing the right value of the property can save both property buyers and owners from any kind of fraudulent transactions. Both parties can simply know the minimum value of their chosen property by going through the related circle rate list. This helps them initiate the deal based on their financial preferences.  
  • Revenue Generation: Circle rates also help the government generate revenue in the form of stamp duty charges, property registration fees, and other taxes. The government classifies properties into Chandigarh in different categories based on their sizes, types, etc., and evaluates their circle rates accordingly. 

Factors Affecting the Circle Rate in Chandigarh

Find below the factors that affect the circle rate in Chandigarh. 

  • Type of Property: Circle rates in Chandigarh are evaluated based on the type and usage of the property. For example, Circle rates are higher for commercial properties comparison in comparison to the residential properties in Chandigarh. 
  • Location of Property: The location of the property also plays a critical role in determining the circle rate in Chandigarh. For instance, circle rates for properties in posh areas in Chandigarh are higher in comparison to ones located in other regular areas. 
  • Facilities: The list of facilities available in a specific location also affects the circle rate in Chandigarh. For example, Chandigarh circle rates for properties surrounded by schools, parks, hospitals, and other facilities are higher than the ones located in the outer of the city where there are not enough facilities available. 
  • Amenities: Like the facilities, the list of amenities available in a specific location also affects the circle rate in Chandigarh. Amenities such as lift, power backup, swimming pool, gym, jogging track, etc., make a difference.
  • Market Value: The state government also considers market value as one of the factors while evaluating the circle rate in Chandigarh. Chandigarh circle rates are usually lower than the market rates of properties. 

Chandigarh Circle Rates 

The circle rate in Chandigarh is also known as the guidance value or collector rate. Chandigarh circle rates are different for various localities in the city.

Find below the circle rates for residential and commercial properties in Chandigarh.

Type of AreaLocalityRates
Residential Urban AreaSector 1 to 12Rs. 78,250 per sq. yd
Sector 14 to 37Rs. 74,338 per sq yd
Sector 38 onwardsRs. 70,424 per sq. yd
Housing Board FlatsIndependent: Rs. 70,424 per Sq Yards Ground Floor: Rs. 4,500 per sq ft First Floor: Rs. 4,050 per sq ft Second Floor: Rs. 3645 per sq ft Third Floor: Rs 3280 per & onwards sq ft
Industrial Houses
Flats in Cooperative Housing Societies
Uppals Marble Arch Flats in ManimajraRs. 6,000 per sq feet
Shivalik EnclaveRs. 58,687 per sq yd
Milk Colony, DhanasRs. 48,906 per sq yd
Sites at I.T. ParkVacant Land: Rs. 1,42,500 per sq yd Ground Floor: Rs.14,034 per sq ft First Floor: Rs.12,474 per sq ft Second Floor: Rs. 11,695 per sq ft
Residential Rural AreaAbadi Deh & Extended AbadiRs. 12,870 per sq yd
Commercial Urban AreaIndl. Area Ph-1 & IIRs. 62,599 per sq yd
Chakki Sites in UTRs. 92,664 per sq yd
Timber Market
Coal Depots
Transport Area
Iron Market
Motor Market Complex Commercial (Booths) in Mani MajraRs. 1,54,440 per sq yd
Shivalik Enclave (SCO)Rs. 3,24,324 per sq yd
Milk Colony, DhanasRs. 3,60,360 per sq yd
Booth in Sec 8, 15, 19, 22, 34 35 & 17 (except 17-A & 17-B)Rs. 4,40,154 per sq yd
Booth in Sec 7, 9, 10, 11, 26,16, 17-A & 17-B,18, 20, 21 & 32Rs. 3,52,123 per sq yd
Booth in other SectorsRs. 2,44,530 per sq yd
SCO/SCF in Sector 17Rs. 5,25,405 per sq yd
SCO/SCF/Bay Shops on Madhya MargRs. 3,75,289 per sq yd
Sub City Centre – Sec 34, Sec 22 and dividing road of Sec 35-34
SCO/SCF/Bay Shops in other SectorsRs. 3,08,880 per sq yd
Shops, Office, Units etc. in Elante Mall, Ind. Area, Phase-IGround Floor: Rs.15,593 per sq ft First Floor: Rs.13,860 per sq ft Second Floor: Rs. 12,994 per sq ft
Indl. Plots/Shops converted to commercial  properties with permission of the Estate Office

Ground Floor: Rs.14,034 per sq ft First Floor: Rs.12,474 per sq ft Second Floor: Rs. 11,695 per sq ft
Other Malls / Multiplex excluding Elante Mall
SCO/SCF/Bay Shops in Motor Market-ManimajraRs. 2,77,992 per sq yd
Vacant converted plots from Industrial to Commercial in Indl. Area I & IIRs. 1,42,500 per sq yd
Commercial Rural AreaRs. 26,770 per sq yd

How Chandigarh Circle Rates are Different from Market Rates

Here are a few major pointers to help you understand the difference between the market rate and circle rate in Chandigarh. 

  • Property Registration: One of the major differences between Chandigarh circle rates and market rates is that buyers can register their properties on RERA Chandigarh based on circle rates only. The market rate is the value that they can ask in exchange for their properties. 
  • Stamp Duty Charges: At the time of property registration, stamp duty charges are also calculated based on Chandigarh circle rates and not the market rates of properties. 
  • Revision of Rates: The circle rate in Chandigarh can be revised only twice a year. On the other hand, market cates can fluctuate based on the demand and supply ratio and stock market ups and downs.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Property in Chandigarh

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a property in Chandigarh.

  • owner properties for sale in Chandigarh to save your brokerage.
  • title search to check the ownership rights of the property seller.

Key Takeaways on Chandigarh Circle Rates

Here are a few major key takeaways on Chandigarh circle rates. 

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