Circle Rates in Ghaziabad 2022: New Circle Rate List

Circle rates in Ghaziabad are the minimum value or price fixed by the state (UP) government beyond which property can’t be sold.

These rates directly impact the stamp duty and registration charges as they are applied to a property’s market value or circle rate, whichever is more.

Since circle rates vary according to locality or property type, having a clear idea about them before buying a property is vital. So, let’s discuss the circle rates in Ghaziabad without further ado.

The current circle rates for residential plots in Ghaziabad are as follows

The circle rates of the plots vary based on the road width.

Locality NameUp to 9m wide (per sq m)Width between 9 to 18 m (per sq m)Above 18m wide (per sq m)
NH 24Rs. 14,000Rs. 14,200Rs. 14,500
Wave CityRs. 14,000Rs. 14,200Rs. 14,500
Aditya High StreetRs. 15,000Rs. 15,500Rs. 16,000
Ansal APIRs. 26,000Rs. 28,000Rs. 29,000
Surya EnclaveRs. 29,000Rs. 30,000Rs. 31,000
Sahibabad (Area between Railway Line and Link Road)Rs. 29,000Rs. 31,000Rs. 34,000
Sahibabad (Shyam Park Main)Rs. 31,000Rs. 34,000Rs. 36,000
Sahibabad (Om Nagar)Rs. 32,000Rs. 33,000Rs. 34,000
Sahibabad (Area Between GT Road and Railway Line)Rs. 33,000Rs. 35,000Rs. 38,000
Panchavati ColonyRs. 34,000Rs. 40,000– 
Satyam EnclaveRs. 37,000Rs. 38,000– 
Block G in Nehru Nagar 2 Rs. 38,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 42,000
Girdhar EnclaveRs. 38,000Rs. 39,000 –
Block D in Nehru Nagar 2 Rs. 39,000Rs. 41,000Rs. 43,000
Block K in Nehru Nagar 3 Rs. 39,000Rs. 41,000Rs. 43,000
Block A in Nehru Nagar 3 Rs. 41,000Rs. 44,000Rs. 46,000
Block E in Nehru Nagar 2 Rs. 42,000Rs. 46,000Rs. 48,000
Block B, E in Nehru Nagar 3 Rs. 42,000Rs. 45,000Rs. 47,000
Block D, G, H, J in Nehru Nagar 3Rs. 42,000Rs. 44,000Rs. 46,000
Sahibabad – Area Before Link RoadRs. 42,000Rs. 43,000Rs. 46,000
Block A, B in Nehru Nagar 2Rs. 43,000Rs. 45,000Rs. 48,000
Block C, F in Nehru Nagar 2 Rs. 43,000Rs. 47,000Rs. 50,000
Block F, L in Nehru Nagar 3 Rs. 43,000Rs. 45,000Rs. 47,000
Block E in Kavi Nagar  Rs. 44,000Rs. 48,000Rs. 50,000
Block C in Nehru Nagar 3Rs. 44,000Rs. 45,000Rs. 48,000
Block A in Kavi Nagar Rs. 46,000Rs. 48,000Rs. 50,000
Block M, N in Nehru Nagar 3 Rs. 46,000Rs. 47,000Rs. 50,000
Block B, K in Kavi Nagar Rs. 47,000Rs. 49,000Rs. 50,000
Block F, G, H, J in Kavi Nagar Rs. 47,000Rs. 50,000Rs. 52,000
Block C, D, L in Kavi NagarRs. 48,000Rs. 50,000Rs. 51,000
Block I in Kavi Nagar Rs. 48,000Rs. 50,000Rs. 52,000
Block M in Kavi Nagar Rs. 49,000Rs. 50,000Rs. 52,000
VasundharaRs. 56,000Rs. 58,800Rs. 61,600
IndirapuramRs. 66,000Rs. 69,300Rs. 72,600
Surya NagarRs. 67,000Rs. 70,400Rs. 73,700
Chandra NagarRs. 67,000Rs. 70,400Rs. 73,700
RamprasathaRs. 67,000Rs. 70,400Rs. 73,700
VaishaliRs. 67,000Rs. 70,400Rs. 73,700
KaushambiRs. 72,000Rs. 75,600Rs. 79,200

                      Source: Stamp Duty and Registration Department, UP

The current circle rates for flats and floors in Ghaziabad are as follows

Locality NameCircle rate (per sq yards)
NH 24Rs. 24,000
Wave CityRs. 25,000
Satyam EnclaveRs. 32,000
Girdhar EnclaveRs. 32,000
SahibabadRs. 32,000
Nehru Nagar 2Rs. 35,000
Nehru Nagar 3Rs. 35,000
Kavi NagarRs. 37,000
VasundharaRs. 47,000
IndirapuramRs. 52,000
Surya NagarRs. 52,000
Chandra NagarRs. 52,000
RamprasathaRs. 52,000
VaishaliRs. 52,000
KaushambiRs. 57,000

Source: Stamp Duty and Registration Department, UP

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