Circle rates in Lucknow

 list of circle rates in Lucknow, and the way to find them online, among other details. Read on.

What are circle rates?

The circle rate is a government-determined and revised rate of real estate in a particular location. This rate is decided to ensure a new owner of a property pays the actual registration charges and stamp duty to the authority concerned. Also known as the ready reckoner rate, the circle rate in Lucknow is administered by the stamp and registration department of the Uttar Pradesh government.

Circle rate list in Lucknow

Name of areasAverage circle rates/sq m
From Chinhat village to SatrikhRs 14,000
Sultanpur Road and Shaheed PathRs 25,000
Hardoi RoadRs 20,000
From Chinhat village limit to Lucknow city limit (Faziabad Road)Rs 30,000
Sitapur RoadRs 39,000
From Subhash Marg Medical College to Charbagh TirahaRs 31,000
From Telibagh Nagar to PGI Nagar Nigam limitRs 31,000
From Guru Govind Singh Marg Hussainganj Chauraha to Naka ChaurahaRs 31,000
From Charbagh Station to Awadh HospitalRs 55,000
From Kaiserbagh Chauraha to CharbaghRs 55,000
From Singar Nagar Chauraha to Hydel ChaurahaRs 55,000
Mahatma Gandhi MargRs 76,000
From Hazratganj Chauraha to Kalidas Marg ChaurahaRs 76,000
Vibhuti KhandRs 40,000
Faziabad RoadRs 36,000
Edelco Green, Vipul KhandRs 39,500
Vijay Khand, Vijay Khand, Vipin Khand, Vishal KhandRs 33,500
Gautam Palli, Gulistan Colony, Transport NagarRs 28,000
Rana Pratap MargRs 29,000
Gomti Nagar Phase-3, Gomti Nagar Extension, Gomti Greens, Vastu Khand, Vaibhav Enclave, Vikas Khand, Vikalp Khand, Vinagra Khand, Vinay Khand, Vinit Khand, Vikrant Khand, Vishwas Khand, Vibhav, Vivek Khand, Vijyant Khand, Vishesh Khand, Virat Khand, Viraj, Viram KhandRs 30,500
AP Sen RoadRs 26,000
Park Road, Park Lane, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Motilal Nehru Road, Miling Toniya Road, Vidhan Sabha Marg, Vivekanand Marg, Vikramaditya MargRs 27,500
Gautam Budh Marg, CharbaghRs 25,000
Ashiyana, Jiyamau, Srijan Vihar ColonyRs 22,000
Saket Palli, Pirpur Square, Bandriya Bagh, Banarasi BaghRs 22,500
Darbari Lal SharmaRs 21,500
Ashiyana, Jiyamau, Srijan Vihar ColonyRs 22,000
Raibareli Road Yojna, Aishbagh, Eldeco, Kanpur Road Pariyojana, Awadh Vihar Pariyojna, Sharda Nagar, Sharda Nagar YojanaRs 19,000
Havelock Road, La Martiniere Colony, Trilokinath, Manas NagarRs 20,000
Guru Nanak Market, Vrindaban YojanRs 21,000
MarutipuramRs 19,500 per sq m
Omaxe City, AlambaghRs 16,000
Butler Palace Colony, Butler Ganj, BBD Green City ShahpurRs 18,000
Sushant City, from Sector A to ERs 18,500
Sarojini Naidu Marg, Chitwapur Road, Canal Colony, Uday Ganj, Uday Ganj Road, Mangal KhedaRs 15,500
Aabadi Kabristan Mall Avenue, Vindsor PalaceRs 16,500
Sushant City, From Sector F to IRs 15,000

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