Circle Rates in Pune – Maharashtra – Area-wise

Circle Rates in Pune refers to the lowest or minimum price notified by the state government by the registrar office of the city for registration of any land or property transactions. The Circle Rate in Pune is the market value of a property. The government decides the payment of registration charges and stamp duty during the transaction related to property or land purchase.

The Circle Rate in Pune is not the same in all regions across the city since they are majorly dependent on various factors such as the market value of the area, the age of the property, and the availability of amenities and facilities. Apart from information regarding the circle rate in Pune, there are various other administrative fees and taxes that one must know before deciding to sell or buy the property.

What is the Current Circle Rate in Pune?

The assessor and collector department of the Municipal Corporation proposed a suggestion before the standing committee of the civic body on June 2021 to collect property taxes based on the current circle rate. This proposal might result in a fourteen per cent increase in the quantity of property tax collected, although the rise will not influence houses below 500 square feet. After getting the standing committee’s consent, the alteration of the rules will become effectual from April 1, 2022, and will be continued up to March 31, 2025.

The stamp duty calculation is usually different for all regions in our country. The central government fixes the registration and stamp duty charges according to the age and location of the property. Also, 2% of the penalty per month is charged on delayed payments. Earlier, the stamp duty for men, women, and Join ownership was 6%. Still, now the Maharashtra government has announced a 1% concession on stamp duty for women homebuyers for property sale deed or transfer. The move was made to boost real estate sales as well as to perk up the economic standing of women through empowering them via homeownership.
Due to the popularity of high-rise apartment floors, the Maharastra state government and Pune registrar office entails a premium on the Current Circle Rate in Pune. The premium is not charged for property up to the 4th floor. The premium charged for the 5th to 10th floor is 5%, 11th to 20th floor is 10%, 21st to the 30th floor is 15%, and above the 31st floor, it is 20%.

The Circle Rate in Pune is lower for residential properties but higher in the case of commercial properties. The circle rate also depends upon the property type, such as independent houses, flats/apartments and plots. According to the latest updates stated by the Government of Maharashtra, the current Circle rate in Pune for shops, office space, residential land and apartment/flats is as follows:

Property Type Circle Rate 
Apartments and Flats Rs.8,010 – Rs.1,47,730 per
Residential land Rs.1,330 – Rs.91,960 per
Office space Rs.36,980 – Rs.1,98,350 per
Shops Rs.41,530 – Rs.1,111,600 per

What are the Circle Rates in Pune for Some of the Areas?

Following are the Circle rates in Pune for residential spaces across various areas. 

Area Circle Rate in Rs. Sq.M
Ambegaon Khurd Rs.47,720 – Rs.49,890
Ambegaon Budruk Rs.53,000 – Rs.62,540
Anudh Rs.54,450 – Rs.103,740
Akrudi Rs.42,230 – Rs.57,480
Balewadi Rs.47,100 – Rs.73,010
Baner Rs.42,760 – Rs.83,830
Bhavani Peth Rs.45,550 – Rs.81,150
Bhosari Vibhag Rs.40,770 – Rs.52,090
Bibvewadi Rs.45,290 – Rs.95,160
Bopkhel Rs.36,300 – Rs.38,470
Bopodi Rs.47,420 – Rs 75,820
Budhwar Peth Rs.53,350 – Rs.69,110
Borhadewadi Rs.44,270 – Rs.47,650
Charoli Budruk Rs.40,840 – Rs.46,070
Chinchwad Rs.44,070 – Rs.60,320
Chovisawadi Rs.39,100 – Rs.40,430
Dapodi Rs.47,400 – Rs.53,450
Dhankawadi Rs.38,240 – Rs.78,440
Dhanori Rs.26,890 – Rs.59,080
Dhayari Rs.50,360 – Rs.52,390
Dighi Rs.42,150 – Rs.43,690
Dudulgaon Rs.40,920 – Rs.44,760
Erandwane Rs.73,170 – Rs.1,39,860
Ganj Peth Rs.45,210 – Rs.50,860
Ganesh Peth Rs.53,910 – Rs.67,650
Ghorpadi Rs.53,150 – Rs.1,47,730
Guruwar Peth Rs.51,960 – Rs.54,640
Gultekedi Rs.79,630 – Rs.91,980
Hingne Budruk Kanvernagar Rs.77,500 – Rs.91,500
Hadpsar Rs.38,180 – Rs.80,930
Kalas Rs.38,400 – Rs.52,290
Kasba Peth Rs.50,430 – Rs.67,370
Khadaki Cantonment Rs.37,120 – Rs.44,870
Katraj Rs.34,220 – Rs.66,980
Kiwale Rs.34,500 – Rs.48,180
Kharadi Rs. 41,240 – Rs.71,880
Kondhwa Khurd Rs.35,200 – Rs.62,950
Kondhwa Budruk Rs.40,360 – Rs.56,250
Kothrud Rs.68,320 – Rs.1,14,570
Lohegaon Rs.36,040 – Rs.75,420
Mangalwar Peth Rs.44,730 – Rs.71,840
Mohammadwadi Rs.34,050 – Rs.61,540
Mamurdhi Rs.36,400 – Rs.42,300
Moshi Rs.40,440 – Rs.49,710
Mundhwa Rs.36,400 – Rs.42,300
Nigdi Rs.42,180 – Rs.50,620
Nana Peth Rs.43,800 – Rs.68,040
Parvati Rs.71,900 – Rs.1,12,520
Pashan Rs.50,870 – Rs.88,170
Pimple Gurav Rs.40,960 – Rs.73,290
Pimple Nilakh Rs.44,680 – Rs.74,110
Pimple Saudagar Rs.44,760 – Rs.86,420
Pimpri Waghire Rs.41,260 – Rs.67,460
Rahatni Kale Wadi Vibhag Rs.39,700 – Rs.67,430
Rasta Peth Rs.53,100 – Rs.66,620
Ravet Rs.46,630 – Rs.57,060
Raviwar Peth Rs.49,300 – Rs.74,800
Sadashiv Peth Navi Peth Dattawadi Rs.64,960 – Rs.99,980
Sangvi Rs.41,530 – Rs.57,190
Shaniwar Peth Rs.72,990 – Rs.82,830
Somwar Peth Rs.51,870 – Rs.75,140
Shukrawar Peth Rs.58,420 – Rs.80,950
Talwade Rs.38,890 – Rs.41,270
Undri Rs.49,330 – Rs.60,450
Wadgaon Budruk Rs.34,900 – Rs.72,490
Wadgaon Khurd Rs.40,610 – Rs.71,760
Wadgaon Sheri (Ram Wadi) Rs.33,670 – Rs.81,310
Wanwadi Rs.54,310 – Rs.75,930
Warje Rs.36,090 – Rs.68,830
Yerwada Rs.42,380 – Rs.97,350


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