Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh 2022

The department has four regional offices in Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Indore. All the regional offices operate under Zonal Deputy Registration Inspector General (DG).

There are 51 Registrar offices in the district and 234 Registrar offices in the state. 

Stamp Duty in MP

Any person who buys a property in Madhya Pradesh has to pay stamp duty charges and registration charges. Also, such charges are paid where a transfer of property is involved. The land is subject to state control, so the state government revised the rates on September 7, 2020. The Madhya Pradesh government slashed the charges for property registration from 3% to 1% in municipal areas to improve the stagnant real estate market, which was scorched by COVID-19. The reduction in registration charges was only valid till December 2020. Currently, Madhya Pradesh’s new stamp duty is 7.5%, and registration charges are 3%. Earlier, stamp duty charges were 10.5%. 

Stamp Duty in Madhya Pradesh 2022

Below are the present stamp duty rates for MP

Gender Stamp Duty rates
Joint (Male+Male)7.5%
Joint (Male+Female)7.5%
Joint (Female+Female)7.5%

Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh 2022

Gender Registration Charges
Joint (Male+Male)3%
Joint (Female+Male)3%
Joint (Female+Female)3%

The overall registry fee includes municipal and panchayat fees, if applicable. Principal stamp duty (5% -2% cess), Municipal stamp duty (3%), District stamp duty (1%), and Upkar stamp duty (0.5 % ).

Stamp Duty for Various Documents in MP

Find the stamp duty on various documents as required by Madhya Pradesh government:

Document  Stamp Duty 
Stamp duty on lease deed in Madhya Pradesh 8% of total rent and deposit 
Stamp duty on gift deed in Madhya Pradesh to family members 1% of the market value of a property that must exceed Rs.1000 
Gift deed in Madhya Pradesh to others 5% of a property’s market value 

What  Factors Influence Stamp Duty?

Several factors affect the stamp duty in MP. The following factors influence stamp duty charges:-

  • Gender of the owner: Currently, the stamp duty rates are the same for male and female in MP.. However there is a possibility that the state government can slash the prices for women, to promote more women buyers. In states like Delhi, Haryana and Chhattisgarh the stamp duty is less for females.   
  • Property location: The rates are same in urban and rural areas in MP. However, in some states stamp duty rates differ as per the locality of the property. 
  • ·         Circle rate of the location: The stamp duty charges are wholly dependent on the circle rates of the state. The circle rate varies for every locality or sector. For example if the circle rate is high, which means that property rate will also be high and you will have to pay higher stamp duty because stamp duty is levied on market value of the property.

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